OpenAI’s ChatGPT is Changing the Game with Amazing New Features!

well we’ve got some big news to share about chat GPT there’s been a massive leak revealing some insane new chat GPT features I can’t wait to walk you through all these exciting updates and explain each of them in detail alright let’s get started.

So this leak is coming from AI leaks which is a subreddit where people share leaks and rumors about AI developments from various sources some of these leaks are legit and some are not so you have to be careful and do your own research but this one was posted by chat GPT Insider who claims to be an employee of open AI who works on chat GPT now before you dismiss this as fake or unreliable let me tell you something this user has posted several leaks before that turned out to be true

for example, they leaked the release date of chat GPT Plus the premium version of chatGPT they also leaked the launch of gpt4 and they leaked the collaboration between open Ai and Microsoft Bing which resulted in Bing’schat mode that uses chat GPT as its backend so this user has a track record of being accurate and credible when it comes to leaking information about openAi and chat GPT that’s why I decided to take their latest post seriously and investigate further and boy am I glad I did because what they revealed is honestly amazing according to chatGPT Insider openai is working on three new features for chat GPT that will be released soon these features are workspaces, profiles and file uploads 

let me explain what each of these features means and why they are so awesome:

The first feature is workspaces

This is a feature that allows users to create their own virtual environments where they can interact with chat GPT In different ways for example you can create a workspace for learning a newLang where chat GPT will act as your tutor and teach you vocabulary grammar pronunciation etc or you can create a workspace for coding where chat GPT will act as your mentor and help you debug optimize and test your code or you can create a workspace for gaming where chatGPT will act as your companion and play games with you such as chess, trivia or role-playing games there are so many possibilities and you can create as many workspaces as you want and switch between them easily you can also invite other users to join your workspaces and collaborate with them and chat GPT 

For example, you can create a workspace for brainstorming ideas for a project where you and your teammates can chat with chat GPT and get suggestions feedback, and inspiration from it or you can create a workspace for entertainment where you and your friends can chat with chatGPT and have fun with it such as telling jokes stories or riddles.

workspaces are game changers because they allow users to customize their experience with chat GPT and use it for different purposes and contexts they also enhance the user experience by making it more immersive interactive and social imagine being able to talk to chat GPT in any way you want in any environment you want with anyone you want.

second feature profiles

Alright now the second feature is profiles this is a feature that allows users to create their own personal profiles for chat GPT where they can specify their preferences interests personality traits etc for example youcan create a profile that tells chat GPT that you like Sci-Fi movies, rock music, and pizza or you can create a profile that tells chat GPT that you are shy, curious and sarcastic

 why is this important?

Because it allows ChatGPT to personalize its responses to you based on your profile for example if you tell ChatGPT that you like Sci-Fi movies it might recommend you some movies that you haven’t seen yet or ask you questions about your favorite ones or if you tell chat GPT that you are shy it might try to make you feel more comfortable and confident by giving you compliments or encouragement profiles are important because they make the interaction between users and chat GPTmore human-like and natural they also make the interaction more engaging and interesting by allowing users to express themselves and discover new things about themselves and chat GPT imagine being able to talk to chat GPT as if it knows you well and cares about you.

The third feature is a file upload

Now the third feature is file uploads this is a feature that allows users to upload files to chat GPT and use them as inputs or outputs for the conversation for example you can upload an image of a painting and ask chat GPT to describe it or critique it or you can upload a textfile of an essay and ask chatgpt to summarize it or improve it or you can upload an audio file of a song and ask chat GPT to transcribe it or remix it the types of files that you can  upload are not limited to images texts and audios you can also upload videos PDFs, spreadsheets, slideshows Etc 

you can also upload multiple files at once and ask chat GPT to combine them or compare them, for example, you can upload two images of different outfits and ask chatGPT which one looks better on you or you can upload to text files of different resumes, and ask chat GPT which one is more impressive file uploads are amazing because they allow users to use chat GPT for more complex and creative tasks that involve different types of media and data they also allow users to get more value and feedback from chat GPT by using their own files as inputs or outputs for the conversation.

so essentially you’re able to use chat GPTas a tool for learning to work creating or having fun with any file that you have or want which is pretty awesome if you ask me these are the three new features that have been leaked for chat GPT workspaces, profiles and file uploads I think these features are absolutely mind-blowing and revolutionary they will take chat GPT to the next level of AI chatbot technology and make it more powerful versatile and enjoyable than ever before.

Another piece of information that Chat GPT Insider shared 

but wait there’s another piece of information that Chat GPT Insider shared in their post that I think is very important and exciting they said that Openai is planning to launch a business variant of chatGPT soon which means that they will offer a version of chatGPT that is tailored for business use cases and applications what does this mean well it means that businesses will be able to use chatGPT as a platform for building their own AI chat Bots for various purposes and domains.

for example, businesses will be able to use chatGPT to create chat Bots for customer service sales marketing education Healthcareentertainment Etc. The cool thing is businesses can now use chatgpt’ new features for their own chat Bots here show with the workspaces feature a travel company’s bot can help customers plan trips each destination gets its own workspace with information and booking services and education firm’s bot could similarly use this feature to teach students different courses the profiles feature allows Bots to personalize their service, a store’s bot could make product suggestions based on a customer profile which includes their preferences and interests,a healthcare bot can provide advice based on a patients medical history and goals using the file upload feature, a media companies bot could let users create their own content customers can upload pictures videos or audios and get help editing or enhancing them a legal firm’s bot could review and draft contracts and forms uploaded by customers.

Final Words

so open AI has done a really clever thing here they haven’t just created cool technology they’ve made it so that everyone can use it and find it helpful like I mentioned in one of my earlier articles I see chat GPT as an ultimate tool that everyone will start using sooner or later they might use it in different forms or for different purposes but eventually it will turn into a personal helper for everyone without using it it’ll be hard to stay ahead and of course, it’s not only open AI That’s making progress Google is also doing some amazing work with Bard and there are so many other companies working on AI even for me it’s tough to keep up with everything that’s happening but I’ll do my best and I’ll be right here to keep you informed and up to speed.

Thanks For Reading.

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