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My 15-year-old daughter, Angela DiCara, does not like doing math problems out of a text book, but enjoys charting a course and teaching others to do so. Angela says, "Sea Scouts is an adventurous opportunity."

Photos by Jeanette DiCara / Angela DiCara rows a kayak at Dummits Cove. Small sailboats for the teens are docked as dusk sets in (in the photo above).

New Smyrna Beach has a Sea Scout ship comprised of teens and leaders who have fun sailing Wednesday evenings and most weekends with favorable weather. They have entered their ship, called the Aardvark, in several regattas throughout the year such as the Commodores Cup and Lipton Cup Regattas.

The boys and girls, ages 14 to 19, are part of the Boy Scouts of America, and their troop is called Ship 495. This ship is sponsored by the Boat and Ski Club of New Smyrna Beach and American Legion of Edgewater.

The red and white sailboat known as the Ardvark, is among the vessels used in the Sea Scouts program. Marauding Manatees from left: Robert Stocker, Kim Long, Chase Blount(back of shirt shows mascot), Kerry Kafura an adult advisor, Lauren Blount

I have recently joined as a member of the committee, and I have seen how this group builds confidence and character in these teens. The meetings are 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesdays at 242 North Causeway and more young people are encouraged to to join in the fun.

"Start learning to sail in March and be on the water sailing in April," says Kim Long, mate of Ship 495.

There are four boats in the water and they are maintained by the youth. Safety, knots, charting courses, and radio communication are also taught.

Richard Sturge, skipper of this ship has world-wide travel experience and 31 years of professional service as second officer to captain.

To reach Kim or Richard, please call 423-9134 or just show up at a Wednesday meeting. More information may be seen on

Last weekend there was a sailing trip with Kim Long and George Grizzard, both mates of this ship, along with three scouts from New Smyrna Beach to Titusville and back. The scouts are recognized throughout the year for their achievements. and provide Volusia County with 24 / 7 Internet newspaper coverage for a 21st-century world. 

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