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Unconditional love and authoritative discipline keys to dealing with teens

EDGEWATER -- When dealing with teenagers, being abrasive, snide, snippy, and sarcastic is never a route to take. Applying doses of unconditional love and mounds of authoritative discipline makes every situation more manageable on your end as a parent.

Vote new blood in November elections

EDGEWATER -- I’ll be honest with you, in the recent primary election I did not want to vote for Carl Persis or Ted Doran so I voted for Jason Davis, even though I did not really know much about him. I did know that Persis and Doran are part of the “good ole boy” network around here that thinks it owns the area and needs to be thrown out on their ears in my opinion.

Perspective of two conventions: RNC had Eastwood and balloons; Dems had nothing

DEBARY -- I have to admit this year was the first time I watched the big speeches at the DNC. Normally I just watch the highlights of the speeches on cable news channels or the Internet.

Better care of America's foreign embassies and personnel by Washington a must

EDGEWATER -- I don’t understand why we allow Americans to be employed in embassies in volatile countries without better protection. ABC News with Diane Sawyer recently showed diagrams of the compound where we lost four American lives and how poorly they were protected.

Even the so called safe house which was far behind the outside walls was broken and burned. They didn’t have a place to go until help could arrive.

Romney absolutely right about entitlements

Liberal newspapers, media pundits and others of the loony left have had a field day because -- ta dah -- Mitt Romney told the truth. They have unearthed a secret video and splashed it all over the Internet.

They are furious and not holding back. This from NewsMax quoting New York Times columnist David Brooks who “called Romney's economic vision "a country-club fantasy." What? Get an education? Get a job? Own a home? Plan for the future? Be self-sufficient, reliable? Of course not. Those goals aren’t part of Obama’s plan for America.

9/11 anniversary: 'terrorists will never defeat us no matter what they do'

ORMOND BEACH -- Americans place a high value on life. We have done this whenever we’ve gone to war which sounds quite odd, doesn’t it? After all, war is death and destruction on a grand scale. Americans are optimistic people. We tend to see the glass half full and think that everyone operates at the highest and best level. On Sept. 11, 2001, our country was attacked by mad men. It shook us up and made us reassess our whole lives through the glass of insanity.

9/11 anniversary: 'Happy to be a part of this great country'

EDGEWATER -- "Are you watching TV?" was the first thing out of my husband's mouth in a surprise phone call where he worked in Pennsylvania when we lived up north on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Son responded to call of duty on 9/11 aftermath

How quickly most people simply forget that first responders and just plain citizens continue to suffer and even die today as a direct consequence from the 9/11 attack on our country 11 years ago, directly related to the collapse of the twin towers, which killed and maimed thousands of people.

Meeting lost brother on 9/11

OAK HILL -- On 9/11, I met a brother I never knew I had. We arranged to meet at a Starbuck's in Orlando.

9/11 key date in American history

EDGEWATER A friend called me earlier and asked me if I knew what today's date is? Since I haven’t been working, I usually am lucky if I know what day of the week it is let alone the date. My friend was distressed that I didn’t know that the date is the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. Had I known what today’s date was I would have known what he was referring to.

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