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Sophomore year at New Smyrna High: Drama as in club

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Suddenly everything has stopped spinning; I’m a little dizzy but my vision is beginning to clear. The whirlwind that was sophomore year has come to an end, and looking back, so much has happened.

Romney stronger again in second debate

ORLANDO — President Barack Obama improved upon his previous performance in the first presidential debate, going after former Gov. Mitt Romney aggressively, in a debate that saw tense clashes between the two men. But Romney was stronger, again.

Not Big Bird, but the price at the pump

EDGEWATER -- As I was going through my daily morning news review, I recognized one thing: the dismissive attitude of the subsidy cutting of public information. Why aren't my fellow Republicans up in arms regarding removing unbiased public information.

Poor Big Bird

DEBARY-- Big Bird has now become the center of the Obama’s re-election campaign for the simple fact that Obama has nothing else to run on. He was crushingly defeated by Romney in the debate and is now using poor Big Bird as a distraction.

VP debate: Biden arrogant, derisive and rude

ORMOND BEACH -- I’ll just tell you right up front that I expected the worst from Biden and a spirited defense by Ryan. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

Dorothy Hukill needs to make 'Heartfelt apology' for radio political ad making fun of Italian-American heritage

EDGEWATER -- I find it very offensive that dist. 8 State Senate candidate Dorothy Hukill's radio ad pointing out her difference from her opponent, Frank Bruno, was to make fun of the New York-area Italian-American accent. This is an unfortunate turn of events in the campaigns.

Absentee ballot for November elections a handful to deal with

EDGEWATER -- I got my absentee ballot the other day and was bowled over by how much it includes. It begins with the candidates for president which number 12 in all. including Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan for the PFP party whatever that is.

Nighttime SpaceX launch sight to behold for us space shuttle fans

OAK HILL -- Although we have had to say good-bye to the space shuttle program, apparently all is not lost across Mosquito Lagoon. At the launch site at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station stood a Falcon 9 rocket that blasted off Sunday night from Kennedy Space Center for the International Space Station.

Obama needs to deal with the terrorist killings in Libya

DEBARY -- Lately there has been the focus on the debate that Obama lost. But how quickly the president and the liberal media have moved on from the murder of Ambassador Chris Stephens and the other three Americans at the Libyan embassy in Benghazi.

Lack of moral center leads to horrible consequences

ORMOND BEACH -- In our country’s constant push to remove God from all phases of our public lives, the consequences are too unbearable to handle. This week a Florida teenager gave birth at home in the bathroom, lifted her son from the toilet and choked the life out of him.

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