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Contrary to gay rights, marriage is intended between a man and a woman

EDGEWATER -- President Obama signed into law a bill giving gay marriages the same privileges as a marriage between a man and a women. In most religions, marriage is between a man and a women and some religions allow a man to have more than one wife.

Have we lost contact with what we can feel?

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- As our world modernizes, I can’t help but miss a fading sense of home as it gets replaced with this manufactured product of a planet. I crave for some semblance of the“good old days” that my generation only has a chance to see in classic movies.

County Chair-elect Jason Davis a man of his word

ORMOND BEACH -- So Jason Davis’s new best friend and advisor is Ted Doran according to a Dec. 1st story in the Daytona Beach News-Journal ( How low will the newspaper go with its negative coverage?

Internet newspaper coming of age with multiple awards

EDGEWATER -- This little upstart Internet newspaper as some people call it has certainly grown and come of age in its almost five years of existence. And it shows with the recent awards Henry Frederick, its editor and publisher, received in the Florida Press Club's 2012 journalism contest.

Republicans need to reinvent themselves to stay relevant as a party

ORLANDO -- Questions arise. As the days wind down in 2012, we need to look at why the election turned out the way it did. Republicans will have to figure out why Romnet lost.

GOP elections: Best of times; worst of times

DEBARY -- This isa time of reflection for the Republican Party. A month has passed since Barack Obama wa selected to a second term in the White House, and many Republicans are still asking each other what went wrong.

Online petition at NSBHS asks voters to reconsider school referendum rejection

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The New Smyrna Beach High School’s football team was in the headlines for its undefeated streak in the regular season. Cudas Pride is exploding, but there’s an underlying problem that isn’t being acknowledged.

Dist. 3 County Council-elect Deb Denys to write online blog called "Deb's District'

Editor's Note: Deb Denys, winner of the dist. 3 Volusia County Council seat in the Nov. 6 general election, will write an exclusive blog for Headline Surfer two to three times a month as her schedule permits. She will let you know what she's working on and where she stands on prevailing issues.

Volusia Tax Reform pushed rejection of extra school tax and voters agreed, unless changed with recount today / no subscription fees

Editor's Note: Ed Connor of the Volusia Tax Reform and an ocasional comminty blogger for Headline Surfer was asked to give the 24/7 Internet newspaper his perspective on rejction of the school referendum, which was narrowly defeated Election Day, but today is the subject of a recount by the supervisor of elections:

DAYTONA BEACH -- Despite a relentless barrage of meetings and pleadings with neighborhood groups, notes sent home in lunch boxes threatening loss of vital programs and the endorsement under duress of the Chamber of Commerce and several business leaders in Daytona, the referendum for a new one mill school property tax failed to receive voter approval by half of 1 percent triggering a recount which began today in Deland under the supervision of Ann McFall.

This tax was opposed most actively by Volusia Tax Reform on the basis it would harm the business community disproportionately. The tax would have raised $104 Million over four years. Of that amount about 52% would come from business and a few high end homes.

Gratitude to loved ones on Veteran's Day

EDGEWATER This is the time that I always called my Uncle Norm, my father’s brother, to thank him for his service as a medic in the Marines on Iwo Jima for the battle there and wher the famous flag raising took place.

He died last year so I can only hope he still hears me talk to him when I say it again this year. Others in my family were also service members such as my mother’s brother, Ed, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and my maternal grandfather who was a member of the horse Calvary in World War I.

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