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Words matter when it comes to describing assault weapons

ORMOND BEACH -- Let's examine the language of proposed assault weapons bans. The term assault weapon is a made up term used by lazy liberal journalists who think it distinguishes them from ordinary guns.

Just a teenager who wishes people were nicer

“No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind.” ~Taylor Swift

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The spirit of the holidays brings people together, makes everyone a little more charitable and makes life more than bearable.

Gun control only helps the criminals

EDGEWATER -- This gun control issue has me in a quandary. While I myself do not currently own a firearm I have considered buying one and learning how to shoot it.

Just a few days of being a child again is nice

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The days in 2013 are already slipping by as resolutions follow. We’re all getting back to the normal rush of life as the holidays get packaged up for next year, exchanged for something better, or put to the curb.

Guns not the problem

ORMOND BEACH -- Now is not the time to enact so-called “meaningful” gun control.

Is it possible to eliminate stress?

Is It Possible to Eliminate Stress? The question is easy, but the answer is more complex.

The primary reason for eliminating stress in our lives is to increase pleasure and decrease pain.

Human beings have 5 major goals:

Top 10 ways to improve your day

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Here are the Top 10 ways to positively change your day. 1. Don’t blame others for making you unhappy.

Fiscal cliff scare shows political parties aren't working for us

EDGEWATER -- Over the Chtistmas holiday, my cousin and I were discussing the “Fiscal Cliff” and how disgusted we are with the lack of cooperation between political parties and she made a comment that I think is the crux of the whole situation: “If the founding Fathers and composers of the Constitution did not compromise, we would still be bowing to the Queen of England.”

Mayan calendar was wrong so it remains to be seen about a solution for the Fiscal Cliff

DEBARY -- The world didn't end Dec. 21, as predicted in the Mayan calendar so it remains to be seen whether the Fiscal Cliff will happen. I have my doubts that the president and Congress will come to an agreement.

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