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Pope breaking long-held tradition by stepping down

EDGEWATER -- I think the resignation of the pope of his own volition should be heeded by many of our politicians and supreme court judges who think their positions are for life and stay way past viable ages. There are those who are trying to make it seem he is being forced out, but I think the man knows his limitations and is smart enough to step down.

Making a teen appreciate your authority when it comes to school work

EDGEWATER -- There are several areas we are going to tackle to make a teen respect your authority without pulling your hair out. They are in the areas of school work, house chores/rules, and friendship picking.

10 Commandments answer; not banning guns

EDGEWATER -- Yes, in the past few years here in the United States we have had many school shootings most recent Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where 20 kindergarten children and six adults were killed' We ask why.

Why is this violent act keep happening? Either the shooter is mentally ill or looking for revenge, or comes from a broken home, poor upbringing lacking love, and discipline and respect.

Gays have been in Boy Scouts all along

EDGEWATER -- Odd how people are all up in arms about the Boy Scouts maybe changing their policy and letting in scouts and leaders who are gay. Are they naïve enough to believe that gays have never been in any scout groups in the past?

New year, less money

DEBARY -- How many of us thought, great we did not go over the fiscal cliff, yeah, yippee. Then you got your first paycheck of year and then thought well I am over the fiscal cliff even though the government is not.

We may be onto something

ORMOND BEACH -- Remember how Albert Einstein sitting at his desk as an assistant patent clerk in Bern Switzerland dreamed up the Theory of Relativity just through daydreaming thought experiments back in 1905?. Well I've been thinking about the debt and deficits run by the Congress and a variety of administrations along the same lines.

Think twice about special taxing districts

I've condensed highlights of an article from the Wall Street Journal. These talking points apply directly to our County taxing authorities who have combined to give Volusia County near the highest property tax in the state.

Don't see need for headhunter in finding new police chief in New Smyrna Beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- I don’t understand why cities, hospitals and business in general have to hire head hunter groups to find new leaders. Why can’t these places promote from within. Yes, I know that’s old school. It is what I grew up watching. If the old boss died usually he had already primed someone to replace him. If the death was sudden and unexpected then the next in line at the top took his place or at least was given the opportunity to do so.

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