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Boston bombings & aftermath: Everything happened so fast

EDGEWATER -- Can you believe what this country went through this past week in Boston and its neighboring communities? Not since 9/11 have we as Americans been so glued to our television sets, and of course, the internet. The media coverage was instant, continuous, and for once, I didn’t disagree with that because events were happening so fast.

Boston Marathon deaths latest example of crazy society

EDGEWATER -- The sights, sounds and personal accounts of the Boston Marathon bombing make me sick to my stomach with grief for all involved and for this country. Then I heard that the race was dedicated to the Newtown, Conn. survivors and many were in the stands observing the race and I cried.

Dumping Easter Bunny is political correctness gone amuck

EDGEWATER -- A Madison, Ala. school principal banned the word "Easter" from her school this year. Say what? She says it was in the interest of religious diversity.

Easter bunny set for extinction is the Award-Winning 24/7 Internet Newspaper Serving Greater Daytona Beach, FL via

DEBARY -- Years ago there was a famous poem by anti Nazi activist and Pastor Martin Niemoeller. It went like this.

Washington budget woes: Cut federal paychecks by 10 percent

EDGEWATER -- The budget problems for President Obama and the lawmakers in Congress can be tackled by making additional cuts. It's so simple.

Bike Week a great economic boost, but loud pipes rattle nerves

EDGEWATER -- Since Bike Week arrived, it's been quite noisy. I'll miss the bikers, but I won't miss the noise when they leave today.

Stop lying to yourself: 12 signs of emotional Infidelity

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Time after time I have been asked what is infidelity? How do I know if my partner is cheating on me?

Turning down workforce housing in New Smyrna Beach a slippery slope and travesty

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- Progress is something New Smyrna Beach says it wants and encourages, just not in the back yards of anyone influential. The way they see it, it should only be allowed in certain sections of the city like way out west on State Road 44. There is always a group that rises up and protests: “Not in my back yard!”

Pope breaking long-held tradition by stepping down

EDGEWATER -- I think the resignation of the pope of his own volition should be heeded by many of our politicians and supreme court judges who think their positions are for life and stay way past viable ages. There are those who are trying to make it seem he is being forced out, but I think the man knows his limitations and is smart enough to step down.

Making a teen appreciate your authority when it comes to school work

EDGEWATER -- There are several areas we are going to tackle to make a teen respect your authority without pulling your hair out. They are in the areas of school work, house chores/rules, and friendship picking.

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