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GOP's Herman Cain the real deal


We left the Orlando Peabody Hotel Friday evening and quick-stepped over to the Rosen Center for a “Meet and Greet” with Presidential candidate Herman Cain. It was scheduled to begin at 7:30 but delayed while management set up a room twice as large to hold the excited Republicans. And still the crowd spilled over.

Senior prank: New Smyrna Beach High School 'for sale'

New Smyrna Beach High SchoolNew Smyrna Beach High School senior class prank
Photos by Jeanette DiCara / Just how this sign -- an apparent senior class prank -- was able to be posted so high off the ground remains a mystery.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- As I drove two of my daughters to New Smyrna Beach High School on Monday, May 9, I saw a sign on the building: "FOR SALE." I thought, "Ha! That's a good one."

It was carefully tied 20 feet above the ground. I laughed when I saw that the 2011 senior class took credit for it. Of course, this is the school prank of 2011 that seniors traditionally leave behind.

Jim Tager, principal of the high school said he doesn't know who did it. He's glad this year's prank was not anything destructive. His biggest worry was how high off the ground it was placed by someone.

It would seem that a cherry picker type of vehicle would have done it because of the slope on the roof below it and the height of the rope tied, but I don't think the school should focus on who did it.

My daughters saw rubber ducks in the school's pond one recent year. As long as no one is hurt and there is no property damage I think this is a fun way to have the school administration, students and teachers to remember each unique group of graduates.

Daytona Beach mayor's plan to bring back LSO to make up $1.5 million deficit at Daytona State College delusional

Volusia News / continuing coverage / analysis photo / Deposed Daytona State College President Kent Sharples gives the thumbs up Nov. 18, after a separation-retirement agreement is announced by board Chairman John Tanner, shown here at left.

Daytona State College is in a world of hurt over $1.5 million taxpayer dollars used to pay the bills the Community Cultural Foundation incurred last summer when planned concerts failed to generate either public interest or money from ticket sales. Mayor Glen Ritchey's plan to bring back the LSO as a remedy is nothing short of a delusion.

It's summer: Get out and enjoy the great outdoors of Oak Hill

OAK HILL -- Somebody please tell me where the time goes: Memorial Day is over and school will end this week. Can it really be June and summer already?

Benghazi matters as much as Boston

DEBARY -- I will start by saying I am not an expert on foreign affairs like former Ambassador (and fellow Headliner Surfer blogger) Stan Escudero. He knows practically everything like one of those professors you had in college who is like a walking encyclopedia.

700 attend Riverfest here in Oak Hill

OAK HILL -- More than 700 people from all over Southeast Volusia attended our Riverfest at Mary Dewees Park on Saturday. Sponsored by the Oak Hill Community Trust, Riverfest has something for everybody. Cheerleaders,the dance team, and the drama club from Burns Sci-tech.Charter School entertained family and friends about noon on the racquetball court.

Where's the justice for three kidnap victims in Cleveland?

EDGEWATER -- I am rejoicing with the families of those three girls who were held captive for 10 years by the Cleveland man accused of kidnapping and rape. They should lock that guy up forever.

Daytona and New Smyrna need to explain CRA blight going for street parties and bars

DAYTONA BEACH -- I see the CRA is in the news again. Daytona seems worried that they won’t get their fair share to put into their “blighted” beachside and New Smyrna Beach is putting a lot of CRA money into bars. Huh?

Changing the Conversation from guns to bombs

ORMOND BEACH -- Just 4% of Americans indicate they are worried about gun control, and the intense media campaign and Obama’s failure to inflict background checks on ordinary American citizens peacefully exercising their 2nd Amendment rights is a massive fail.

Daytona International Speedway tax break legislation a win-win for all of us

DAYTONA BEACH -- The Daytona 500 is just one race. I will say that growing up in DeLand, I was not that interested in the races. I only went to one race and it was not one of the big ones and I had no clue who the drivers were and I still do not know. But I do know how important Daytona International Speedway and the Daytona 500, the Coke Zero 400 and the other races are to the economy of Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Central Florida and Florida as a whole.

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