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Time to make meaningful cuts in spending in Washington and every state in the union

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It is undeniably true, as several of our Republican leaders have said, that we do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem. In other words, government spending must be drastically reduced. Yet the Obama Administration continues to spend as if there were no end of money, driving our economy toward bankruptcy and the dollar toward collapse.

Judge's ruling against Obamacare jolt to leftist-government leanings of president /

Monday, Jan. 31, 2011, will go down in history as the day federal judge Roger Vinson moved the nation one very important step closer to a return to constitutional government and the defeat of Obama’s attempt to impose his vision of a leftist government fully in control of the lives and liberties of the people.

Passage of Bush tax further erodes Obama's liberal base as we move closer to 2012 elections

The first pass of the delicate political minuet spawned by the Republican victories on November 2nd is behind us. Obama caved to the GOP and agreed to: extend the Bush tax cuts to all taxpayers for two years, extend the inheritance tax cut at 35% with a $5 million exemption and reduce the employee social security payroll tax by two percent for a year in return for a 13-month extension of unemployment benefits and extensions of the child tax credit, the earned income credit and a student tax break.

Send a message to Washington: Vote Republican in November elections

Republicans are calling for the voters to “send a Message to Washington” via the November elections. But what message should be sent?

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